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Glass and Crystals

The 4ward360 technology is aimed at introducing completely new features and features, through the creation of nano materials capable of conferring new properties.
We have solutions designed to increase the energy efficiency of solar glasses, also contributing to significantly reduce maintenance costs in cyclic cleaning interventions.
We have formulations able to provide hydro-oleophobic, easy-to-clean, de-icing, self-cleaning, anti-adhesive and anti-dust, anti-pollution and air purification properties.

Advantages of the glass treatment
• For all glass and crystal surfaces
• Superhydrophobic effect
• Invisible
• Ecological, environmentally friendly, respects the environment
• Stable to UV rays, does not film, does not yellow
• Drastic reduction of cleaning cycles
• Maximum protection against limescale, saline, chemical agents and pollutants
• Stable to thermal variations (-35 ° C + 450 ° C)
• Long life
• Resistant to abrasion
• Total breathability
• Improve visibility
• Prevents frost and ice formation (up to -3 ° C)

The treatment acts by depositing the nanoparticles inside the pore which, interacting with each other, form a low voltage field, consisting of a two-dimensional lattice that acts by repelling the particles of pollutants and reducing the adhesion coefficient of the water-soluble deposits.
A high surface tension is comparable to a magnet that attracts matter, on the contrary a low surface tension acts repelling it.
This new feature has the ability to activate an exceptional repulsive force (comparable to two poles of the same sign that instead of attracting repel) that will prevent dirt and pollutants from fixing themselves to surfaces.
We transform surfaces and contribute to improving the environment in which we live.