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Leather and fabrics

This fantastic formula is an innovative line, consisting of two different formulas, specially made for the treatment of natural leather and natural and synthetic fabrics.
Water based product, ecological, odorless, developed with raw materials of the highest quality and characterized by the introduction of SiO2 (silica nanoparticles), to ensure excellent protection from water, moisture, bad odors and bacterial proliferation.

Advantages of textile treatment
• For natural leathers, yarns, natural and synthetic fabrics
• Protection against water, moisture and water-soluble substances
• Invisible, it does not modify the original structure of the fabrics
• Ecological, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, respects the environment
• Total breathability
• Stable to UV rays and washing cycles in the washing machine
• Easy application
• Long life
• Prevents and eliminates bad odors caused by moisture
• Prevents the formation of molds and fungal colonies

The treatment creates a three-dimensional, nanoscale protective barrier, able to bind at a molecular level and cover every single fiber, be it of a plant or animal nature.
This special “formatting” prevents dirt from adhering, preventing the penetration of liquids into the fibers.
It has been formulated and designed for industrial use, but can be applied very easily even in everyday use.
The application does not modify the fiber of the materials and the original breathability in the slightest.
Also available in alcoholic base for skin and suede treatments.