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Porous Surfaces

Mineral Coatings

APPLICATION FIELDS (Floors and coatings):

4ward360 offers a complete range of products specially designed for the long-term protection of natural and artificial materials.
Every natural material placed outside, in a different environment from the one in which it is formed, tends to modify its characteristics and reach new conditions of equilibrium.

Advantages of the treatment of mineral coatings
• Resistance to thermal variations (-35 ° C + 450 ° C)
• Prevents the formation of ice inside the micropore
• Resistance to trampling
• Resistance to chemical detergents with values ​​between Ph3 and Ph12
• Invisible
• Environmentally friendly / eco-friendly / non-toxic / respects the environment
• Stable under UV light
• Absence of superficial films
• Total breathability and reversibility
• Prevents the formation of molds, fungi and bacteria
• Drastic reduction of cleaning cycles
• Does not change the original appearance of the materials in any way
• Prevents adhesion of dirt, limestone and pollutants and facilitates their removal
• Hydro-repellence

There are many types of materials with mineralogical composition and with different absorption characteristics and micropore structure.
It is therefore very important to know and know how to choose the correct treatment on the basis, not only of the various types of material, but also with respect to the environmental conditions in which they are relocated.
ward360 has developed innovative high performance formulations, able to preserve these precious materials from the main forms of physical, chemical and biological degradation.
Solutions that in addition to giving an excellent invisible protective shield, enhance the aesthetic characteristics of the products.

Environmental conditions and pollutants play a fundamental role in the decay process of surfaces exposed to atmospheric agents and thermal variations:
– Hygroscopic salts and rising damp
– Thermal variations: freeze / thaw cycles
– Environmental conditions: acid rain, tannin, organic substances of vegetable or animal
– Environmental pollution
– Bacterial proliferation: molds, fungal colonies, lichens
– Water-soluble stains
they are the main factors that determine the regression of a porous solid.
Our formulation is able to prevent and hinder the process of degradation of materials, protecting them and implementing completely new features.
The introduction of nanoparticles, inside the micropore, allows to create an invisible protection, characterized by two-dimensional networks, able to prevent the stagnation of water and the adhesion of dirt, limestone and pollutants.
The 4ward360 formulations are ecological, environmentally friendly, transpiring and totally harmless products for man and the environment.