Paving Safety

Anti-slip for all surfaces – Guaranteed for 20 years

The Italian law establishes, in the D.M. 236/89, DL 626/94 art. 33 paragraph 9 – art. 8.2.2 that for non-slip flooring means a flooring made of materials whose friction coefficient, measured according to the method B.C.R.A. (British Ceramic Research Association) is superior to:
– 0.40 for “leather” sliding element on dry flooring;
– 0.40 for “rubber” sliding element on wet flooring;

The problem of the slipperiness of surfaces in public and private environments is the cause, every year, of countless accidents with often serious consequences for the subjects or bodies responsible for security.
Our method consists mainly of three different types of treatment:
– invisible anti-slip for stoneware, marble and klinker;
– invisible anti-slip for ceramics, granite, clay and glazed surfaces;
– transparent anti-slip for plastic, fiberglass, wood and metal
Slip-resistant floors are imperative in order to effectively prevent injuries.
It is a revolutionary, innovative and technologically advanced treatment.

Advantages of anti-slip treatment
• For all mineral, plastic, wood and metal surfaces
• Invisible
• Does not corrode
• No change in appearance or touch of the original material
• Total absence of films
• Resistant to acidic substances and alkalis
• Long-lasting guarantee
• Tested by CMR, (ACCREDIA accredited laboratory).
• Resistant to abrasion
• Total breathability
The interventions are performed by highly qualified personnel in possession of all the requirements attesting to the training and courses held at our office
The anti-slip system has been tested by CMR, Central Materials research, (accredited laboratory ACCREDIA N.1035), which certifies performance and effectiveness through test report no. 891- 1-16.