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Wood treatment

Close-up rops of resin on the cut pine logs

Ideal for protecting all types of wood without affecting the appearance and breathability

Wood is a material that lives even after cutting, so its beauty and durability are closely linked to environmental conditions: it swells with moisture and heat, while in winter, retreating produces cracks.
Adverse situations can also favor the attack of fungi, molds or insects and lead to a deterioration that compromises not only the appearance but the same functionality of the wood.
There are mushrooms for example, which are limited only to stain the wood while others that exert a real destructive action of the cell wall.
Advantages of the treatment of mineral coatings
• Resistance to thermal variations (-35 ° C + 450 ° C)
• Prevents the formation of ice inside the micropore
• do not change the appearance and characteristics of the wood
• are resistant to high temperatures, steam cleaning and contaminants
• are stable under UV light.
• excellent hydro and oleo repellent properties
• prevent problems related to humidity and the onset of infestations such as mosses, fungi.
• prevent damage related to UV rays
• simple application and quick drying time
• long lasting over time

The attack by mushrooms takes place in the presence of a wood with high humidity (generally between 20% and 30%).
There are different types of wood in the world, each with a different characteristics from each other (for compactness, specific weight, behavior over time or in different climatic conditions) and also the speed of degradation is different for different wood species, but the the common element of the degradation process also for wood is the water that implements the material decay mechanisms (cracks and splits).

Our forum nanotechnology wood, eliminating the main causes of degradation (water, humidity) protects the wood without altering the characteristics of the product, nor the appearance or the breathability.
Thanks to their excellent hydro and oil repellent properties, our formulations create an invisible protection in the nanoscale that acts by repelling external contaminants (rain, dirt, oils, greases) and preventing them from coming into contact with the surface.